~ A Vintage House Party ~

In 2010, Mister Keith, vintage impresario and animateur, conjured a vision to gather creative types in a family festival of arts & music . After a gatsby-like weekend at a secluded country house mansion K:Fest was officially born to take its place in festival history.
Artists gather and share their skills in every part of the festival and this is what makes K:Fest unique – the ethos is to build community with everyone taking part.

Raise the curtains for I proudly present the most popular, most scintillating and devastatingly dependable traditional summer gathering. A cornucopia of captivating conviviality, packed with song and dance, special guest turns, sidesplitting banter and audience participation for your sincere unmitigated enjoyment and delight, to be presented in the wonderful surroundings of Mister Keith’s country residence.


“boys and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars”

Marvelous Enterntainment

Mister Keith

Afternoon Tea

There are a few things we have become famous for, not least our afternoon tea. Served on the lawn outside the main house, you will partake truly English sandwiches, freshly baked cakes and Mister Keith’s own leaf tea.

Vintage Ball

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gentleman’s Football
  • Baking, Crafts & Pampering
  • 50 acres of pasture and woodland