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Kenilworth News

Mister Keith, Brokers, Gin, Vintage, Tweedrun, Victorian

“Poppy and accessible in its acoustic finery, this is an eminently listenable record.”
R2 Magazine
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Britain has a happy knack of producing gently quirky, lyrical and narrative song-writing – think of Ray Davies, the Beatles, Stackridge, Squeeze – and this album represents a new addition to this tradition. The secret of this album lies in its tasteful use of instrumentation, lilting melodies and warm, very English vocals.
Martin Price, FATEA Magazine
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“Well, we’re the lucky ones at Mister Keith’s album launch. Beautiful songs. Quintessentially British.”

Mister Keith Ayling

‘The Confession’ is blissfully inviting, euphoniously floating and rich in sound.
Nessi Holt, Music Blogger

Mister Keith Ayling

“The range of techniques and song-writing traits are so vast that I think we may simply have to leave it as a moment in time where someone did something different with the same tools we’ve known for a long time. It’s like the past meeting the present in a calm storm. “Record of Wrongs” is a strong work that is incredibly versatile using a wide range of emotions and styles. An intense and beautiful journey.”
Folk & Roots Online

Brisk and captivating vocal expressivity. An atmospheric, picturesque and vibrant sonority of sound.
Nessi Holt, Music Blogger

Received this @veryMisterKeith beauty yesterday. Stunning artwork, sleeve and beautiful music. Go check him out..
Cotswold Gentleman

“At times, Keith’s vocals simply soar.”
Geoff Howlett, NFN

Chris T-T, DJ, Brighton

“Its one of the most beautifully designed albums I have ever seen. The photography is just sensational.”
Mike Shaft, BBC Radio Manchester

Mister Keith Ayling

I’m torn between sitting and absorbing all the arrangement details – lush and playful strings, keys, brass and woodwind, toe tapping, inventive percussion and soaring vocals – and dancing around the room.
Heather Hind (Songwriter)

Brody Swain, BBC Introducing, Cov & Warks

“Masterfully tender, confidently elegant. Beautiful textures propel a powerful listening experience.”
Dr Davey Ray Moor
(Cousteau / Songwriting Course Leader, Bath Spa University)

Lovely, melancholic, complex chemistry to the track Keith, MORE!
Luke Concannon, Nizlopi

The best musician in a bowler hat… unless Mr Ben plays guitar!
Mr Spoon, BigComfyFolkClub

Wonderful! Great music, between eras and fresh! Distinctive, strong vocal, great music!
Mary Wood, Music Reviewer

Mister Keith Ayling

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